Price May Change without Notice


J1. Pepper Tuna with Creamy Wasabi
Seared tuna w. pepper over lettuce topped w. creamy wasabi sauce & caviar.
J2. Avocado lover
Spicy crunchy tuna wrapped in avocado
J3. Tuna with Yuzu Sauce
Tuna chunks on lettuce w. sliced avocado in Japanese citrus sauce.


J4. Sushi Appetizer (4 pcs fish on seasoned rice) 7.25
J5. Sashimi Appetizer (6 pcs raw fish fillet) 7.75
J6. Edamame (Steamed Japanese soybean) 5.25
J7. Tuna Tataki
Spicy tuna in chef’s sauce w. green apple
J8. Shumai (Steamed shrimp dumplings) 5.75
J9. Japanese Green Seaweed Salad 5.50
J10. Wasabi Shumai
Wasabi flavored steamed pork dumplings
J11. Tuna Naruto
Tuna rolled in thin sliced cucumber
J12. Kawaii Roll
Rice paper wrap w. shrimp, crab, cucumber, seaweed salad & lettuce
J13. Shrimp Tempura Appetizer
Battered fried shrimp with vegs.

Soup and Salad

J14. Miso Soup 2.50
J15. Ginger Salad 3.00
J16. Kani Salad (spicy crab salad) 7.50
J17. Avo-Ebi Salad
Shrimp, avocado on top of lettuce w. creamy wasabi and miso dressing

Roll or Hand Roll

Maki or Temaki
J18. Asparagus Roll 5.00
J19. Avocado Roll 5.00
J20. California Roll 5.50
J21. Cucumber Roll 4.50
J22. Eel Cucumber Roll 6.00
J23. Salmon Cucumber Roll 5.50
J24. Salmon Skin Roll 5.50
J25. Shrimp Avocado Roll 6.00
J26. Shrimp Tempura Roll 6.50
J27. Spicy Tuna Roll 6.50
J28. Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab) 9.75
J29. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll 5.00
J30. Tuna Roll 5.50
J31. Tuna Avocado Roll 6.00
J32. Veggie Roll 5.50
J33. Yellowtail Scallion Roll 6.00

Special Roll From Sushi Bar

J34. Amazing Roll
Crunchy spicy tuna mango inside, shrimp with spicy sauce on top
J35. Crazy Tuna Roll
Pepper tuna avocado inside, spicy tuna on top
J36. Dragon Roll
Eel cucumber inside, avocado and caviar on top
J37. Eel Special Roll
Tuna avocado inside, eel on top
J38. Fantacy Roll
Spicy Y.T. avo. inside, spicy tuna and salmon on top with spicy sauce
J39. Hot Roll
Tempura salmon, white fish & crab w. avo, cuc inside. Caviar outside
J40. Lobster Roll
Lobster & avocado inside, w. spicy sauce on the side
J41. Montauk Roll
Avocado inside, tuna, scallion and spicy sauce on top.
J42. Magic Roll
Crispy tuna avocado w. special spicy sauce
J43. New Ware Roll
Soy bean paper wrapped with shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and avocado, w. spicy teriyaki sauce.
J44. Philadelphia Roll
Smoke salmon, cream cheese and scallion.
J45. Rainbow Roll
California roll topped with assorted fish and avocado.
J46. Spicy Sea Kiss Roll
Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, topped with spicy tuna, eel tobiko and chef sauce
J47. Southern Comfort Roll
Eel, shrimp, crab and avocado inside, white fish tempura, caviar, scallion and spicy sauce on top
J48. Under Control Roll
Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, cucumber, mayo, & caviar inside, shaved bonito outside
J49. Volcano Roll
Spicy tuna, shrimp inside, caviar & chili sauce on top
J50. World Series Roll
Soft shell crab tempura inside, tuna, eel, avocado on top


Includes Soup and Salad
J51. Sushi Regular (7 pcs sushi and California roll) 17.50
J52. Sushi Deluxe (10 pcs sushi and tuna roll) 21.50
J53. Sashimi Regular (12 pcs assorted fish fillet) 17.50
J54. Sashimi Deluxe (15 pcs assorted fish fillet) 21.50
J55. Chirashi (Assorted fish on a bed of seasoned rice) 15.50
J56. Sushi and Sashimi Lovers
6 pcs sushi, 8 pcs sashimi and tuna roll
J57. Love Boat For Two
10 pcs sushi, 12 pcs sashimi, dragon roll and California roll
J58. Triple Maki (A choice of three rolls)
1.California 2.Spicy Tuna 3.Salmon Cucumber 4.Shrimp Avocado 5.Sweet Potato 6.Avocado 7.Spicy Salmon 8.Yellowtail Scallion 9.Eel Avocado 10.Veggie
J59. Shrimp Tempura Dinner (Battered fried shrimp and vegs.) 15.50

Sushi or Sashimi

2 pieces per order
Crab (Kani) 5.25
Eel (Unagi) 5.75
Egg (Tamago) 4.75
Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) 5.75
Octopus (Tako) 5.75
Red Clam (Hokkigai) 5.25
Red Snapper (Tai) 5.25
Salmon (Sake) 5.75
Salmon Roe (Ikura) 6.25
Shrimp (Ebi) 5.75
Smoke Salmon 5.75
Tuna (Maguro) 6.25
White Tuna 5.75
Yellowtail (Hamachi) 6.25